Breath of Spring – Lash Art Competition


And here comes the first proper blog post…
A few weeks ago my friend, who is a lash artist, asked me for help in her competition entry – how could I say no?!
I love creative project and people who wish to reach for the stars! Way to go Marta! 🙂

In this creation we focused on enhancing the eyes and eyelashes, I didn’t want to overtake the lash effect with my makeup, so I applied ombre eyeliner in colours that we used on model’s face, combining it with purple contour and ombre eyebrows & lips.
For the photography I used my Nikon D750 with 50mm lens and the ring light which I absolutely love for portrait and beauty shots. White light beautifully highlights luminous skin and for this quick project it seemed like the best idea at the time.






I can’t help myself but take some behind the scenes photos too! 🙂








It11057343_728961830538058_2320167957799275884_o‘s been a while since I wrote my beauty and makeup blog, I thought as the spring is upon us, what’s better time for a Fresh Start, eh? I’m planning on sharing here my makeup and photography work, maybe some beauty tips and reviews? We shall see!
If you’d like to have a look at my old posts (written in my native language or both English and Polish) please feel free to click HERE

New Beginning.
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